Jane Bilka

I live in Savannah, Georgia. THE UNEMPLOYMENT RATE IN GEORGIA IS HIGHER THAN THE REST OF THE UNITED STATES. I have been out of work since Septmeber 2007. I have written to Congressman Kingston urging him to get the unemployment benefits passed. In Savannah, Georgia for every position posted there are at least 20 people applying for that position. It is crucial that unemployment benefits get extended. Everyone has to realize that we are in a recession. The employers are not adding any new staff due to the economy. In Savannah it takes a very long time to find a job (at least 4-6 months) and that is before the recession hit. I have applied for numerous positions and currently I am still unemployed. I have been denied Medicaid and Food Stamps. The little money I do get from unemployment barely puts food on the table. We are always at least one month behind in utility bills.
It is difficult for my husband and myself. My husband is on social security disability and is unable to work. I stongly urge that the President sign the bill for unemployment extension.

Karla Davis

Wow what a good job you do.. I am not sure who I am voting for this year... But I can tell you that this helped me. My husband and I have been married for 13 years, have 3 kids. He had a good job in the Auto world repairing cars.. People are not fixing cars and so many dealerships are going under that other techs will work for little or nothing. So they let him go. I am a Childcare provider in my home so self employed. I have to tell you that this goverment is messed up. They have 4,5 6+ house and people are trying just to make a payment on one house and pay for food, heat and gas and they don't want to pass this! Your info was very clear and I wish that you could get it out in the real world (like media news) for people to see. Thank you I will be keeping updated here. I pray that this is true and that the law has passed because all my husband has left is 2 weeks... Thank you Karla


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John Schoenthaler

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