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Jobs in DC

It's wonderful you kept this up, very useful info. The current workforce situation is dismal but the best opportunities seem to exist through using social media such as Twitter and Facebook. The face of the computer industry, Internet and job force has greatly changed since 2006.

Jack Mills

Thanks very much for all of what you did to create Workforce Developments and the community around it. The postings will continue to be very useful -- glad they'll still be up. I'll miss seeing new postings, and I'm sure many others will as well. It will be a real gap! Jack Mills

E Murphy

A Second Chance:

We have developed a bond for ex felons to be able to get employed. This bond is a win for ex felons, employers, and the community they live in. The bond can be instant to help get employed check our website http://www.exfelon.org/

Just answer five easy questions and the bond is yours. No ex felon or person on parole will be turned down if the five questions are true.

Prior to employment we have a certificate to take to future employers to prove that you can be bonded. Log on to the above website to get started.

Joana Leighmoore

Well, I'm looking forward to seeing you here again. You got a flair for writing and designing websites. Totally inspired!

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