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My name is Jack and I am a Sprint employee who represents Assurance Wireless. According to the New York Times, more than 36 million people nationwide currently use food stamps, with a wide “range of people struggling with basic needs.” With more Americans needing assistance in this difficult economy, Assurance Wireless is providing additional relief to those who need it most. We are providing a tool for those folks who are experiencing difficulties in our current economy. A phone is a vital tool in the job search process and Assurance Wireless is one more resource for those that simply need help getting back on their feet. For more infomration on Assurance wireless call 1-888-898-4888, or visit www.assurancewireless.com.

Joe Guarinello

Assurance Wireless is the Real Deal! I am writing you and your readers to talk about what is happening here in New York and the Assurance Wireless program. Since December 2009 HeartShare Human Services of New York (www.HeartShare.org) has developed almost 75 community outreach offices to help people in New York State apply for an Assurance Wireless phone. Our experience with the company has been very favorable. The acceptance here in New York has been overwhelming. I have personal testimonials from families that have lost their income and the elderly who are keeping in touch with their family and medical appointments. It is truly free (200 minutes per month and phone is included). For many of these households a cell phone bill is not an option when you put it against medicine or food or rent. I am attaching a link to a local news paper article for your information. http://queensledger.com/bookmark/5600316


Shawn, Jack and Joe: Thanks for your comments and the links to media coverage of Assurance Wireless. It's very helpful info. I'd recommend that anyone who's interested in the company and the phones it provides check out these news stories.

These days, there are just so many scams out there targeting people who are out of work, underwater on their mortgages, and otherwise in economic trouble. As consumers, we can't be too careful. I've seen smart people get scammed. Always do your research first!

renaissance costume

Yes Assurance wireless is not a scam.. it's the real deal man..


When I first heard of assurance wireless I thought it was a scam until my sister in law applied and was sent a phone with 200 minutes. Being a mom of two it is important to have a cell phone when you are outside in case of an emergency and I am glad I applied for one. I received mine 2 weeks ago and like I said earlier it is not a scam


Thanks for the info, lvette!

Frank P

Good stuff - good read.


I applied to Assurance Wireless back in February I was approved back in March and was supposed to receive my phone two weeks later it is now the end of July and after ten phone calls to Assurance
Wireless I have yet to receive anything but empty promises that the phone would be re-issued and sent out in ten days.They would not even give me the tracking number to fed ex so that I could find out if the phone was delivered or not.Assurance my ass!


Thanks for sharing your story, Rebecca. I wonder if you're alone in this.


hi i have applied for assurance wireless and that was 2 months ago and is till havent recieved my phone or anything yet and thye keep telling me diffrent things and wont give a tracking number either they say they dont have one which i know better cause anytime you order soemthing ya get a tracking number 9 times out of 10 oh my god this phone thing is making me mad to no end lol


I have had mine for months, there was never a tracking number with it, it came regular mail in a little brown shipping box. I am going to apply right now so my grandmother can get one, and maybe for some reason they have ran into problems, which I will soon find out if that's the case. If she gets hers in the next few weeks, I will update either way. I have never had a problem with assurance. Good as a back up or primary.


I don't trust them. We called and got someone who asked a bunch of questions (real fast, like, no time to think what you're saying), including his mother's maiden name. I told him not to give it. They sent us the application, which needs documentation that will probably require a social security number. That means if they have your mom's maiden name PLUS your social security number, well...... We declined the "free" phone. Better safe than sorry.


Just go find a job and buy a phone from a legitimate company instead of this.


Assurance is actually real guys. I just received a phone from them yesterday. Not a scam.

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