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Ryan Knepp

That's a good point, our programs are about the ultimate goal of self sustaining people that once were in poverty. We actually framed our program outcomes as a dollar figure of cost/benefit to the community for each person going from poverty to work and a living wage. You can see the program at Permanent Employment Program at www.lehighchurches.org. Thanks for your insights.


Hi, Ryan. Thanks for your comments and the link.

I like the name "Permanent Employment Program." Sounds like you're focusing not just on helping someone get any old job, but to get long-term employment.


Here's an article in the National Journal about how high skill, high wage jobs are still going unfilled despite the high unemployment rate. In the article, Julian Alssid of the Workforce Strategy Center warns of an "outsourcing tsunami" if more isn't done to make our workforce development system more strategic in its approach http://www.nationaljournal.com/njonline/no_20100127_1861.php


Thanks for the link, Vanessa.

It's true - if we keep cutting back on education and workforce training in these tough economic times, we'll never have the skilled workforce we need to rebuild.

Ryan Knepp

That's what our hope is. It's tough with the economy and very large barriers to overcome. Thanks for all the tips, its helping me to do more here on the local level.

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