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Kunal Gandhi

Very nicely explained.

Lisa Katz

It's so rewarding to see collaboration within commmunities, let alone across communities that are hours away by plane. All made possible by that little invention we call the net. It is and will continue to fundamentally transform the way we work, live and play.


It is just a matter of time before everyone will need to be involved in social networking to be productive. Social networks are the new e-mail. It doesn't matter if you're white-collar or blue-collar, you have to keep up with technology.

Welders may not tweet, because we don't know how long Twitter will thrive. But if welders don't at least learn the skills now, they'll be further behind on the next new technology.

If you're not already fluent with technology, I would suggest getting Certiport's "Internet and Computing Core Certification" (IC3). I work for a company that represents Certiport, and recommend this for the non-IT professional. It will go beyond the basics and teach you what you need to know to improve in almost any career. If you're not sure, read this post on Certiport's blog: http://certiport.typepad.com/certiblog/2009/09/while-you-were-on-vacation-certiport-ic3.html

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