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Brenda Mashtare

I just read the letter forthe extension unemployment for Virginia and it is very confusing to me. My second extension ended Dec 9th 2009 and my year ends December 26 2009. does that mean I can still be eligible for the extra extension even though my old year ended in 2009? Do I have to file before the end of December?? Of course, Virginia has an outdated coputer system and states it will take up to 8 weeks to get it straight; however I don't want to not sign up and be left out when they finally get their stuff together. Any suggestions VIRGINIA UNEMPLOYED???? tHX bRENDA mASHTARE


As for Virginia. I had gotten a letter about my tier two benefits which confused me so I called them. The lady on the phone told me to dis-regard that one because I was still elidgible for three 3 and still had a balance to collect from, she didn't tell me that letters went out for it or that I had to do anything else. I went ahead and filed my jobs as usual for the last 2 weeks and got one check and then got a letter around 2/05 stating that they had processed my last payment. I called because at this point I was really confused being told that I was in fact eligible for benefits. She told me that I should have gotten a letter that I needed to sign and send back which I hadn't. She than told me since I hadn't that I need to refile for the new benefit year and go through the WHOLE process of filing for unemployment which in my opinion is stupid because all that information is in their system and all they would have to do is in my opinion is push a button in their system to re-instate it or send me another letter. So I re-file today and I'm supposed to call them and tell them it was a re-filing for a new benefit year and they will fix it somehow. OMG...


Virginia unemploymentt filers --did you get your second extension benefits or not - i.e. did you receive benefits beyond the first 26 weeks and second extension -- meaning did you get another extension?

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