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Brenda Mashtare

I am trying to find out if Virginia has an extension Tier 3 benefits for me. I have been on numerous web sites and cannot get the answer for my specific question. I am on my extension after my original one was done. Is there another one that I can get? or am I done??? Thanks>>>

Dan Nakagawa

Check with Virgina Employment Comission--I am in the same boat and they told me that after Tier II, you have to re-apply for Tier III...the form is supposed to come in the mail, but I have not received anything yet...I'm going to call today...


I have been going through the same thing. The new extension is for all 50 states but the Va unemployment office has been no help at all

Laurie C

There is a Tier III, but at this time no Tier IV as the numbers are too low for the extra 6 weeks. The T3 is approved, (13 new weeks and 1 added to last extension giving a total of 14) the only hold up in getting the benefits is that we need to wait for the unemployment office to program the system. It will take 8 - 12 weeks before a notice can be sent out. Most states have programmed and mailed the notices within days of the new bill passing, but it seems VA's system isn't up to speed with the nation. The new bill states that no benefits will be paid after Dec, so if you run out of benefits, say Jan 1, you will not be eligible for the extension. They are working on a new bill to cover 2010, but how long it will take is anyones guess. The deadline only effects claiming the extension, not the payments, so as long as you run out before Dec 31, you should be ok. They are planning on making "lump" payments like with all the previous extensions, so when the kids get hungry and the bill collectors are calling be sure to tell them that they only need to wait 8 - 12 weeks.
If you have trouble getting answers from the unemployment office, do like I did.... call the Govenor directly. You WILL get answers! Maybe if everyone called and complained about the time line, perhaps they will consider putting a new system in place so benefits can be paid when they are needed, not once or twice every 3 months!


Please tell me that's not true, Laurie C????? Who exactly told you this?

Gary Townsend

My benefits through Virginia will end January 2. You're telling me that I won't be approved for my first extension of benefits just because I'm two days too late? What the hell kind of system is that?

And why are the states closest to DC unable to provide information that is clear and easy to understand about these extensions?

I called the VEC today, and the only answer I got consistently from the guy I talked to was, "To be determined." Their damned job is to ANSWER our questions, not to give us the bloody run around! Grrr!

Gary Townsend

This sort of news about Virginia, Maryland, and Delaware should be headline news. They should be nationally embarrassed into fixing this crap.

Gary Townsend

I live in Maryland, but my unemployment comes through Virginia. I was on the phone today with a gent at Maryland unemployment. I'd called them yesterday and left a message hoping to learn more about this extension. I mentioned to him that my unemployment would end January 2. I told him that I had heard that if my unemployment ended AFTER the end of December that I would not qualify for this extension. His answer to that was, without hesitation, an unequivocal, "Not true."


I spoke with VEC just a minute ago regarding the Tier 3 benefits. I was told by the VEC rep. that the form to apply for the additional benefit will not be sent out until January 2010. How disappointing...

Nadine Mann

Virginia posted on Thursday that starting on Friday 12/11/09 that they will be sending out letters of those who have exhausted their extensions. Payments will start 12/18/09

Vince from VA

Please post here if any Virginia recipient of payment has actually received funds from the VEC as of 12/18. - Thank you


Mailed on 12/10/09 I received a notice saying benefits were exhausted, then 2 days later received the notice stating I might be eligible for tier 3 and to send back within 14 days. Mailed back the next day as I already had 3+ contacts for the last 2 weeks and was told to expect payment today 12/18/09. When you call the automated line it states balance as zero and unable to give info on most recent claim. I got a person today that told me the forms are being worked as they receive them back and payments are starting today thru the next week but they have had some issues in getting the direct deposits out. So who knows? I will just keep checking and continue on interviewing/job searching. Happy holidays all!

Vince in VA

I also sent my Tier III information form last week (overnight, signed for Tuesday the 15th) and am still waiting for payment. This a joke and I'm so angry about how this has been disastrously handled - something must change.


All has been updated for tier III. Payments processed last night and for those with direct deposit, you should see it in tomorrow.

Vince in VA

HAE - how do you know this?? By tomorrow you mean Xmas eve - the 24th?? Please, please advise.....

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