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I lived in philadelphia where I had exhausted my 26 weeks of benefits, and later my 13 week extension, which qualified me for an additional 7 weeks. The only people who get the 20 week extension are those people who have finished their 26 weeks and have not had any extensions yet; however, anyway you look at it we still get 20 weeks just broke up differently.


No, I went to unemployment, they told me everyone should get the extension....if they are still unemployed and looking for a job. They will get the 2nd extension and from what they say, you will receive a letter in the mail. If you are in the high unemployment states, you will get 20 weeks for the 2nd extension.


Jessica, did unemployment tell you that? Just curious.....everywhere I've looked says nothing like that.

I also live in Florida and it is impossible to get through to unemployment. I did speak with a agent about 2 weeks ago and she could basically tell me nothing, but did file a over the phone claim for an extension. I still have not recieved any information via letter form that she said the state would be sending out. My original claim and first extension have run out, I could really use this $$..... It's just a shame that we are let out to dry with no real information on the extension.


Okay I hope this information helps most of you out. The way the 2nd extension works is. First you take the total amount of money you recieves for your inital 26 weeks. Which mine was $5500. The 1st extension gave you 50% of that or 13 weeks, mine was the 50% cause I didnt have enough money to get the full 13 weeks mine was like 10 weeks. Now as far as the 2nd extension goes you have to take the total amount of your inital 26 weeks and multiply that by 80%. Now take the amount you received from the first extension and subtract that away from the 80%. Now you take that amount and divide it by the amount of you payment per week. This will tell you if you are gonna get the 7 extra weeks or less. In my case I'm only getting six weeks. I hope I didnt confuss most of you, but this is how it goes. Also if you live in Florida, they are entering the extensions we mailed in by hand, and they are trying to finish up writting to computer program so you can clame your weeks and get the monies paid into you bank account. Hope this information helps.


I'm so glad I stumbled onto this web site. I've been searching for info on this for a while. I now live in NC, but I have to file in Fl. What a nightmare. I filled out the application(as soon as I heard about the extension I went up on the Unemployment site) and filled it out and mailed it in. That was Nov. 25th. After calling everyday, sometimes 10 times a day, I finally got through to a human(?). She said they had received my app, and she allowed me to claim weeks 11/29 thru 12/7. She said as soon as the money was released by "The President" (I swear she said that) I would receive my check. Also said I should call back on the 22nd and claim my next 2 weeks! I am amazed out how disorganized this whole thing is. It's incredible how big time government plays with the poor guy!.So far I've heard nothing, and haven't been able to get through on the phone since!


I am also filing a claim in FL. It looked like things were setup for me to actually receive my benefits the week of Dec. 15th. The fluidnow website gave me a benefit amount and a date to claim. So, I was feeling pretty good about things. I looked again two days later and my benefit amount had decreased by over $1000.00 and I had only claimed 1 week. I did some caculating and the benefit amount I was originaly given was correct.

I'm guessing there are a still few bugs in the system.


7 weeks? Are they creating more jobs in 7 weeks? What after 7 weeks? I would have created a few jobs with the billions the gov't is doleing out to the already rich! Has the gov't ever been up against not being able to pay their vehical insurance? I bet not. And do they realize that UIB is NOT as much as our paychecks were - so we have been getting poorer regardless? As Americans aren't we entitled to Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness? Now what, that there is no Happiness to pursue? Has our gov't turned communist? What happened to Of the People,By the People, for the People? I think we lent too much money to China!

Diane, Florida

I still have heard nothing since I was last able to reach someone. At that time I was told to claim again on the 22nd(post above) The Fluidnow site has my old info on it, and I still can't get up to claim this week..wonder what will happen now, when I can't get on the site or through on the phone to claim when I was told? And still haven't seen a penny!


OMG! I too am a Florida unemployment extension recipient. Although I have not received anything from them. I have no idea how to contact anyone. The phone just tells me that they are experiencing high call volumes and then cuts me off. I also filled out the form right before Thanksgiving! Only to receive the exact same one in the mail to be filled out again with no additional information!! This is beyond confusing and scary!! I am also running out of money! I want to scream!!!! What can we do? Florida needs to get it together!


In Wisconsin they're hiring staff to help process the growing number of unemployment applications:


Any other states doing the same?


I'm with You Katherine. My unemployment has run out and I don't know if I even get the first extension. Mine started in July 08. I am frozen, I can pay not one bill until I know whether or not I get the extension and have spend 3 1/2 hours today trying to call the FL unemployment office. I live in Ocala and our unemployment rate is close to 10%. Everyone I know is on unemployment now and can't get any answers. I think it is lousy for FL to treat it's citizens this way. We should at least be able to access this info online, and we CAN'T. It is not our fault there is not enough phone lines at the unemployment office. FL is a very fragile state when it comes to employment as it is, they should have known better. I've also applied for food stamps for the first time in my life as I have a teenager to feed, even that takes a month!!!! FL is a terrible place to live, it just is. I wish I could move back north, but I am stuck here financially and now I don't even know if I can feed my child. Been looking for a job for over a year now. You get tired of hearing that you are overqualified. I don't think we are overqualified to eat and have electricity!!!


Sheila, I am so sorry to hear it is not any easier for anyone else in Florida. I am also sorry we are both in this situation. It seems unreal to me that Florida does not know what we are all going through. They need to get a clue and at least try and update us in some way. The internet is the best tool. They don't even use it as it is intended. It is a sad situation and I am appauled with Florida!! Good luck to you and your family. Hang in there and remember...you are not alone.


I have spoken to The people at Florida unemployment a few times..(after spending hours at a time trying to get through). I get a different story every time. Believe it or not last time I spoke with them, they had called me. They said I had to apply for weeks 11/29thru 12/7 again. Which I had done on one of my previous phone calls! Nothing has changed, their website has my outdated info..I haven't seen any money or any hope of seeing any in the near future.We're at their mercy...To bad who ever is in charge of this doesn't know the feeling of being hungry...!I wonder if anyone has gotten anything in Florida? My daughter, in another state has been getting her extension for weeks now...If anyone knows anything, please post! Thanks


I am thankful for these blogs! They let us all know just where each state stands! If anyone knows anything about Florida or has gotten paid. Please let us know how. I believe the confusion lies with the ones, such as myself, who have exhausted the first extension with no sign of employment on the horizon. Florida is not sure how to enter us into the system I guess!

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