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gina dudski

get this...i'm in indiana, trying to get my unemployment worked out, because they decided there was an issue(oh thats a original idea on their part, never had that trick played on me before) anyway, now when i call from my home phone, it rings busy!seriously i have to call from another # to even sit on hold for hours. when i find out which one of those %@#$@ did this, if there is any way for them to be repromanded, so help me. we have children, we need food. my phone company is looking into this, unbeleivable. do they think we wanted this hardship? i have worked hard since 15, used to make good money, for many years. 42 and can't afford my childrens needs? what happened to all the $ paid in for all those years? i am sorry, but i am surprised there hasn't been some sort of postal type insodent happen at one of these offices, it's just not right.

Randy Meison

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