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Tom Tom

Hello fellow Americans,
I have been looking for some information on this extension. It is very sad to read some of these blogs of all the middle-upper aged people losing their jobs. All those years of hard work to get your houses and security built, and now having to struggle to keep it. I am a 31 year old single father of one full time son and one part time daughter and I had to move back home with my mother so we can help each other. I feel for all of you, no matter what color or religion, my fellow American I wish you all the best luck to get through this. This now leads to my ?. I have used my 26 weeks and also my 13 week extension by 10/18/08. I then had to take a job at McDonalds and worked there for 6 days total. Then I found a temp job for a food production plant, and worked there for a total of 14 days before getting laid off. Do any of you know if I have to refile my unemployment due to the jobs I have worked before this latest extension has gone through? Also, I live in Illinois and we are at 7.3% for unemployment, is this extension for 20 weeks or is it 7 weeks on top of the 13 that has already gone through back in like July? I know it is more for the higher unemployment rate states, I just don't know if this second extension is 7 weeks added on to the previous 13 or if it is another 13 week extension with an additional 7 weeks for the higher unemployment rate states which is where I get the 20 weeks. Any help on this is deeply appreciated as I have tried to call and talk to IDES and am not able to get a live person to speak with. Have left my name and all info for a call back and have not heard from them. I am just so stressed and worried and need to find out all this info as soon as possible so I can get a jump on what I need to do to keep afloat for now. Thank you all for your time and please comment back if you have correct info. Hang in there people.

I am in almost the same boat. I can never get a live person and am lucky to get the recording. 3 months ago my husband and I had to drive to Kankakee, Ill. This is where all out of state filers must go. I live in Dyer, Indiana, but worked in Cal City, IL. All I needed was a question answered. We drove 35 miles. My husband is in chemo and this was no easy task. I had called 311 times the day before and got the "answering machine" twice and after approx. 1 hr. each time holding was "hung up" on.

Except for the working part time part of your question, I have wondered about the same things. I had my 26 week, the original extension of 13 weeks. and now am wondering do I get 7, 13 or 20 more weeks. If you look on the IDES site it states 7 weeks. But everywhere else I look, it states 13 weeks for states with over 6% unemployment. I also read in 2 articles that it was 20 weeks. I am very confused. I am so happy that someone else is as confused as I am.


I live in Arizona as we speak I have been on hold for over an hour and a half, yestereday over three with no responce, I called the advocacy line and they are beyond rude, but did tell me Arizona is not in a second extension period yet, no idea when. I try to access my previous claims info and am errored saying I do not exist, wondering if this is because my benefits ran out in Oct or what but now I must speak to customer service and am waiting on ignore. Anyone anywhere know what the hell is going on? I am now living in my car, forty eight years old. Help


Thanks for all your comments.

The difficulty with unemployment is that each state handles it differently, so there's no one-size-fits-all answer to when extension funds will be available and how you can access them.

The best thing is to contact your local unemployment office and ask about your specific situation. You may have to call or visit several times. Be as polite as you can - the staff have to abide by the rules they're given, and it can be frustrating for them too.

If anyone comes across any useful information or guidance on this, please let me know.


Well here in Az they are as ignorant as usual, I cannot access a human, over three hour waits and then disconnect if lucky enough not to be told your call cannot be accepted, went to local work force ,they know nothing, I printed info for them so they didn't look so stupid if anyone else needed help, last extension they gave me the form before it was mailed and I faxed in and was on benefits in a week, this time they told me to refile, I did and now find out I was not supposed to and this may delay longer than the anticipated 4-6 weeks process time and then after process must fill another form to get back money from the 23rd and so I have no money since mid Oct and won;t see any until Jan, so living in car at 48 with no food, have son stuck in WA homeless and no way to help him, freeze on government hiring so no help for phone lines to process claims or nothing else and on top of all, we only get an initail 7 weeks even though we where at 6.1 in Oct and 5.9 in Sept until we reach a three month average of 6% I guess we are less unemployed here with less need to eat. I was told if we hit over 6% again in Nov and I am sure we will then we will fall into the additional 13 weeks but god knows how long it will take to process that, I won't even see a dime for the next 6 min out of seven, USA YOU SUCK FUCK OFF

Alisa W.

Scared, Scared...I live in the state of Maryland..I believe no live
people work at our unemployment office...I have ran out of everything, money, my home of 10 yeasr is in forecloser, and i'm
hiding my car...I've given up....I'm a college grad and I cant buy
food...I've given up.


I sent through a mess also for the original 13 weeks extension. I live in IN and collect in IL, the place of my previous employment. Finally after calling OVER 300 times and being on hold only to get cut off and faxing a plea for help and to contact me, I still had no response. That night I emailed what I guess was a main office in Springfield Illinois and told them of my experience. I received an email almost immediately and got a call from the Kankakee, IL officed the next day. TRY IT. I am still on the extension but cannot wait to go through all this crap again.


Tessa, Alisa W. and Janice - thank you all for sharing your experiences. Many states are likely to have trouble implementing the unemployment extension, partly because they're trying to manage cutbacks and other issues related to the economic crisis.

Be persistent. Be patient.

Good luck to all of you.


The extention was passed , but for only 7 weeks in my state. So now what? The unemployment rate is sky high , know jobs, in a recession etc. This will run out very quickly and then what, you still have know money to pay you bills, or live. I can not beleive this country is in this condition when american people can not afford to live. You keep hearing credit is starting to loosen up, well let me tell you, with all the job looses , homes, cars, life style,you will not be able to obtain credit because , guess what your credit has gone down the tubes. So pray tell me where this is going to help the common people. Money is still be handed out to the companys that caused some of this problem while we still sit with nothing, lost everything. Jobs are still off shore the rich keep getting richer and we the common people have nothing . Then Bush goes on and finally states we are in a recesion, and he is worried. He's worried, just bought a new home in one of the riches sections in texas." Thank you American people". While we can't afford christmas for our kids. The people in Washington need to be put in the same position we are in and then see what happens.


Well, confusion has started. I had $211.00 left in my original 13 weeks extension, which was up a week ago. I have to call the unemployment board for "certification" tomorrow. This means that I would get my last check for that period this week. Friday I received the letter stating that I will receive 7 more weeks and I am to call the following Monday (Dec. 15th)for my "certification" for the previous 2 weeks. In IL you only call every 2 weeks. So this I am sure will be all out of whack since they want me to call ONE week later. Of course, I tried to call Friday at 4:25 (they close at 5:00) and was on hold until 5:05 when I hung up because they would have let me hold until the next morning. The fun is beginning.

Big J

I'm here in Indy. I lost my job in September. The company I used to work for spread out all owed payments once I was let go. By doing this, I've only been paid once because each time they give me something, whether it be vacation pay, severance pay, you have to wait a period of time while they put their brilliant minds together to figure out when I can be paid my benefits. The money I received from my former employer is long gone to try and catch up on late bills. So, if they think I'm getting rich or living good off the money my former employer paid me; guess again. I received the severance pay over a month ago and I haven't received a benefit payment since before that. Each time I finally get through to the unemployment office, they tell me that they have to investigate. I'm thinking this is what I get for being forthright and honest in reporting this to be told it may take 2 to 8 weeks for this investigation. Thanks to my honesty, I may lose everything. If someone can give me some idea of what to do or whom to call other than those idiots at the unemployment office, I would greatly appreciate it. I've tried to email the governor as well as the mayor but no one has responded.


Does anyone know, I already exhausted my 1st extension from July this year, but I worked for 4 days this June.....I got the 1st extension, do I get the 2nd one? Any help would be great!!


Can anyone tell me when Washington State will start paying claims?? For 3 weeks now my claims have been processed but my account still shows a zero balance.


I live in Florida and no one has answered the phone at the unemployment office since the extension was passed in November. I finally called another number listed on their website connecting me with someone in Tallahassee. She knew NOTHING about when I would receive the extension and took my name and number and said someone would call me back. I'm not holding my breath. Why can't they get this money out to us? I am about to lose everything I own! Does anyone know how long it will take? And how come no one answers the phone at the unemployment office?


Lisa, you may want to download the second and third items on this page at Florida's unemployment agency: http://www.floridajobs.org/unemployment/index.html

Roisin: try this page for more info: http://www.esd.wa.gov/uibenefits/fileweekly/extension/extended-benefits.php

I've provided links to every state agency administering unemployment benefits for all 50 states (plus DC). Check out the "Unemployment: News and Links" box on this page.

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