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Praise God. Congress get your thumb out of your tush and start listening to off off main street. No money means no one can pay you back for the money borrowed so help us now. I can't believe the auto giants came in big jets with tin cups in their hands. Some of us are about to lose everything. I really don't want to lose my insurance. I pray they pass it for 20 extra weeks accross the board (at least - more if they can). That will give people time to find a job and Bush will look real bad not passing the bill. It will be hard to find a job in just 7 weeks. Either way the money will come just in time to buy Christmas food. In the past I used to invite others to my table. This Thanksgiving others will have to invite me. I've never been so low. How could the leader of the "great" free world let things get this bad? He should have protected those that want to work and keep the US going. This help is long over due but I won't look a gift in the mouth. Thank you Mr. Bush for having some concern and pride over the legacy you will be leaving for America.

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