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I cannot believe they bailed out Wall Street but let Main Street down. I am one of the unemployed workers with no benefits left. I apply to no less than 6 jobs a week. Every job I apply for, seems there a 400 people trying to get the same job = even at $8 an hour front desk (at a Vets office) job. I am 5 months behind on my mortgage and will surely lose my home. I have exahausted my savings ($5K) and my 401K ($45K). I am facing losing everything I worked 20 years to get. I guess I will leave all my stuff and go move in with my sister who is already cramped for space. I am not one of those poeple who bought more house than they could afford or got an ARM. I had a good job that I lost and cannot get one the pays anywhere near the one I lost. Times are hard and no one wants to help the little guy. This economy is in real trouble.

Joyce Mithoug

I moved to the area I am in for a job that I lost one year later. An industry that had already been facing it's traditional extinction because of laws passed..Broadcast. I am in my 50's and have worked in the industry over 26 years. I have applied for many many jobs since laid off and even out of my area of work and nothing! Too many people looking for work. Commuting a long distance doesn't seem to be a good solution with gas prices so high. We lost our home in the summer. When we bought the house we had two strong incomes of near 100,000. We had good credit and got put into a bad loan. Now no house and no job and no unemployment. How can the government say that they care about Americans the back bone of this country when they do nothing to help us stay on our feet. Before we lost our house we worked for a year trying to find a way to get a restructured loan. We worked with NACA as well. But our lender Morgan Stanley...(Saxon) would not help. You expect us to support your policies?! You can take a flyin' leap and I hope that if you are all "christians" like you oh so claim to be...you are familiar with the story of Jesus and the money changers. It's coming your way. You deserve the wrath of God on you for treating the lesser of God's children with so little regard and putting all the funds into the pockets of the wealthy. Creating a wider division between the rich and the middleclass or poor. I can only hope that all Americans will once and for all stand up against a government that so poorly represents the needs of it's people that you are always giving flowery lip service too on how we are the back bone and will work hard...Got to have jobs to work hard..There is something very very wrong with you people!!!!!!


Let's hope some citizen is allowed to ask the candidates tonight at the debate how if they feel the pain of Main Street, they both cut and ran before passing an extension of unemployment benefits for millions of Americans. I guess McCain didn't feel the need to suspend his campaign and parachute in to help America's workers.


I am a Michigan resident who's unemployment is taxed. My unemployment, less than I can survive on, is being taxed to bail out Wall Street. I sit on pins and needles, wondering where I will be Next month while my elected officials busy themselves with things I can not relate to. Will some help me.


This is especially gut wrenching. I ran out of U.I extensions 2 weeks ago and it has been very difficult. I have gone on interviews after interviews but because there 20 people competing for the same position I haven't had any luck yet. I hope the congress passes a second extension but I guess it's not even being talked about for now. God help!!!


Prayers are being said for all of you. I as well have exhausted my benefits, thank God that my husband has a good job to help keep our home, etc. I agree that the government has once again shown their true colors....spending 700billion to bail out these dirty banks, but left the true American people out to dry. God help them on judgment day.

Rob Ulster

Much of the unemployment is government induced via George Bush. Under President George Bush the DoD hired thousands of new Federal Employees following 9/11. The DoD offered career-conditional 3-year term contracts which promised that if their 1st years performance is satisfactory, then the next two years may be served.

Thousands of these new hires in DoD (which were GSD-5) performed very well, received performance appraisals(PA) with their supervisors writing on the PA that service is "Fully Satisfactory."

However, President Bush subversively instructed the DoD to violate the contracts. Specifically threatening tenured Government employees to layoff, or get fired.

So thousands of US Citizaens were defrauded by George Bush, and have been experiencing traumatic unemployment, because George Bush implemented this in a downturned economy.

G.Bush is luck to be alive, and we are cursed to have had George Bush as President. I live in George Bush's favorite community, College Station, Texas, and feel the curse every day.

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