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Its great to see people in local communities receive grants! we need more stories like this one!

John from http://pyvasa.com the grant blog

Niamke  Etchene

Family Education Services, Inc

August 10, 2011
Reference: Grant Inquiry: ‘To Build Community-Based Multicultural Educational Activities & Day Care Facility”

To Whom It May Concern:

We are pleased to write you about “Community-Based Multicultural Educational and Day Care Facility’ Project” that we believe your organization will be of interest to assist and improve
“At Risk “children and youths educational development. Family Education Services Inc (FES) is a highly effective ten-year-old community-based academic enrichment program that assists school-time-out for inner-city elementary through high school students and first generation college students. The program currently has a total enrollment of 85 students, and is supported by foundations, in-kind and individual’s volunteer contributions. FES was founded on August 10, 2001 as a private nonprofit 501(C)3), grassroots community-based organization offering empowerment and life skills solutions to assist economically and disenfranchised children, youth and low to moderate-income families. We seek to improve the social-economic condition and quality of life in communities, with emphasis on the promotion of community safety and the reduction of criminal behavior in volatile and vulnerable community. Our mission is to directly impact the education and lives in the community for “At Risk” youth and low to moderate income families.

From August 2010 to present a total of (267) services were provided to participants as follows: (80) have benefited from community-based remedial service program, (35) have received vocational training skills program, (15) parents have received parenting classes, (42) children have received school-time-out mentoring program, (19) ABE/GED students have received GED Diploma, (25) youth have received summer refreshment program, (18) participated community education health care program and (33) received community-based prevention/intervention drug education training We strive to promote economic self-reliance for disadvantaged individuals through strategies aimed at ensuring the academic preparation, employment, health care and social development is being received through the community we live and work. This proposal request is to build “Community-Based Multicultural Educational Activities and Day Care Facility in the Sulphur Springs Community to host the following programs: School-time-out tutoring, Day Care, Arts in education, Family Literacy, Workforce readiness training, Adult Basic Education/General Education Development, health literacy, outreach prevention/intervention, Computer mentoring, parenting, financial literacy, and community remedial services. The organization formed a partnership with, the local School District of Hillsborough County, Adult and Community Education, local Vocational Institutions and Faith-Based Community Organizations.

The sum of $200,000 requested by the FES will ensure both land acquisition through the completion of construction within six months after funding is received during the proposed fiscal years. The current modular facility is located at 1905 East Waters Avenue on the intersection of Rowlett Park Street and Waters Avenue of lots 20, 21, 22, and 23, KATHRYN PARK,(0.4 acre) according to the Map or Plat Book 23 page of Hillsborough County. Currently FES is using a modular building to provide services to the population. The proposed building units will consist of (2) class rooms. (1) Day Care area for participants to leave their children while at the center, (1) Family literacy lab. (2) Computer technology Lab one will be for youth and the other for the senior citizens, (2) staff offices, (1) large lobby for community cultural activities (capacity 100-200 or more people), (1) Kitchen or Break-room, (3) Bathrooms, and (1) Utility room. Sulphur Springs is one of the most socially and economically depressed with frequent dropout and crime. The center will be located within walking distance of participants in the area and is on the public transportation bus route. The entire requirement for City of Tampa zoning for the construction services has been approved.

FES is dedicated to uplifting lives by creating equality and unity thorough community-based multicultural educational activities and providing Day Care for children of the participants. The organization is improving the quality of life for children and public safety, by delivering services through community-based education, workforce readiness and Day Care for the neighborhood.

Hillsborough County Florida, School District continues to experience high illiteracy dropout rates among minority residents, particularly in census track 12, 30, 31, 33, 36, 42 and 39. These census tracks are areas where the largest group among the minorities population and where the poor citizens also reside in these depressed areas. The FES is assisting children, young adults dropout from High School, youthful offenders, ex-offenders and low-to-moderate income families. The organization formed a partnership with the local School District of Hillsborough County, Adult and Community Education, local Vocational Institutions and Faith-Based Community Organizations. The newly constructed facilities will be located within the targeted community and we will utilize various types of media such as radio announcements, flyers, community outreach, word of mouth, and referral relationships with other social service organizations in various communities. The Community-based Multicultural Educational and Day Care Center will provide an ideal opportunity to develop a first multicultural educational day care and social education to service the community and will enable us to increase current programs. Currently FES is limited to the number of participants we can service due to the limited size and space of our present facility. With the new building FES’ client capacity will more than quadruple from 53 to 212 per year. These plans are already underway and have been incorporated into the building plan.

Characteristics of the target population density include: 6,303 residents, 10% ages 0-5, 9% ages 6-11, 9% ages 12-17 and 8% ages 18-24 years old. 98% of students are eligible for free or reduced lunch at Sulphur Springs Elementary School and Van Buren Middle school. 60% percent of the youth and adults are unemployed. Programs are targeted to children and youth ages 6 to 17 years old and young adults ages 18 and older. Even with over 40% of residents under the age of 18, there is only one community center; the nearest public library is two miles away. The Sulphur Springs community has a total population of 6,303 as already mentioned, according to the report of Census 2000, and within that track 56.52% of housing is renter occupied compared to 35.87% countywide. The total percentage population who are unemployed age 18 and over is 37.46%. In addition 53.60% of households earn below poverty level compared to 12.51% countywide. The per-capita income of $10,549 makes up only 2% of the City of Tampa’s populations. It accounts for 4% of the city’s reporting major crimes, due to lack of community educational activities and community day care facility to assist working parents.

Sulphur Springs’ children and young adults are at a very high risk of dropping out of middle and high school. They are also at a very high risk of teen pregnancy and of entering the juvenile/criminal justice system. The culture of failure is dominant and is instilled early in the economically deprived, disadvantaged and underperforming young adults and low-to-moderate income families. The “Community-Based Multicultural Educational and Day Care Center” activities established within the neighborhood will build the internal and external capacity that will motivate and develop parents themselves and involvement with their children’s education and social growth.

Thank you in advance for your support of Family Education Services, Inc and the community residents it serves. Should you need additional information about this request, please feel free to contact us through email address at mretchene@yahoo.com . (813) 543-5443
Niamke Etchene
President & Director of Programs

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