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Racy Ming

The Oakland median home price looks too high in your table - this is what I found at the Data Quick News website:
Alameda County - Jan 2008 median home price: $487,750

But the point of your post is very well taken. I also recall hearing some research (which I couldn't locate at the moment) that the average length of someone working as a nonprofit ED is relatively short - a lot shorter than you'd expect (my recollection is 5-10 years). And then folks actually exit the field, not just the particular organization. Which says to me that given all the demands placed on EDs as well as the low salaries, people run screaming from the building.


Thanks, Racy. I used numbers from the National Assn of Realtors that lumps together the San Fran-Oakland-Fremont MSA. With your more accurate housing price, the monthly mortgage payment would be $2,596, or 39% of monthly income for the job shown.

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