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Thanks for the mention & words of support. I think teachers aren't leaving because we care about our jobs and want to work with the kids. This is a terrible time for us.We know that the tens of thousands even millions of dollars that are going down the toilet to solve this problem will come out of future raises and most likely (shudder) our benefits package.


It's bad enough that teachers are paid so poorly nationwide. Now to find out some in LA aren't being paid at all - that's shocking.

The Education Week story quotes an SAP representative responding to complaints by saying, "These implementations require profound changes in the way the organization conducts business."

Why can't they design software to fit existing accounting and payroll systems? Why should software drive how a school system conducts its business? And why would LAUSD (or any organization) buy software that isn't customized to fit their needs?

Best of luck, Jane, to you and all the LAUSD teachers.

teacher in lausd

Adult Educators have no help with this problem. Please continue researching industries under UTLA and the Community Colleges that are not committed to their flex time workers and as roving educators (see education week) are without classrooms, insurance, paychecks or advocates).

AJ Duffy said...its illegal to make people work without being able to depend on their paychecks.

Flex time instructors whether working 1 hour a month or being held back from work or working many hours are being hurt and do not have major representation.

The word teacher means regular work to many people and means there is a work demand, but without a paycheck or promise of work assignment or regular use...this is hellacious.

Research Wagner-Peyser in California, disability, dislocated workers and some of the cut backs and planning...teachers are not protected from this kind irregularity.

Where do teachers go...they are demoralized, not protected, and walking out this Friday.

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