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Luke Weisberg

This is very interesting...and all the more remarkable that, in spite of continued high interest in unemployment, the "workforce system" has not been "discovered" as a solution to this problem. I think we're still missing our moment to shine and to build understanding about what and how the publicly-funded workforce system operates -- particularly in times of persistent, high unemployment.


Agreed, Luke. The publicly funded workforce system is doing great work in tough times, but people don't seem to be aware of it.

Any thoughts on how we can raise our profile?

gorras new era baratas

Jag var mycket glad över att upptäcka denna webbplats på bing.I ville säga tack till er när det gäller

denna fantastiska inlägg! Jag surelyenjoyed varje liten bit av det och jag har du bokmärkt till

ta en titt på nya saker du postar.

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