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This is a nice advise. I'm always scared or nervous on interviews, but reading this post. I know what I should do an prepare of for the job interview. Thanks for sharing a wonderful post that will hel alot of people.

Jenna Schrock

Splendid points to ponder here. Additionally, what's even more important is to relax, and make sure that one knows everything he/she's talking about. A job-seeker must also avoid things such as being over-confident, and neglecting the seemingly small details like proper attire and overall clean appearance (teeth and hair included). A few practice and rehearsals are also good, and leaving an exemplary impression spikes up success.


Great advice here. For me the hardest part is staying relaxed during the interview process because i am naturally nervous around people i have just met. Practicing for the interview has taken me a long way towards getting over this natural tendancy.

Jack Napiare

Whoa!!! GOOD ADVICE, it must be Christmas!

Jack Napiare

The threes are really what I've been needing, thank you.

portefeuille prada

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