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I love this post! I was once told that "expert" is always relative to the others in the room. Also, specific to social media, I like to "try everything," so I consider myself an experimenter, but I also keep an eye on the trends and try to understand how others besides myself are using tools that I use in a different way. (I don't know what this is called - amateur analyst?) I also think that because of the speed you mentioned, an "expert" would not necessarily have more authority than an alpha user who also analyzes others' behaviors, unless you're looking for a "social media historian," and there are some out there!


Hey, Eileen. I love your term "social media historian." Hilarious!

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wow genial que he leído muchos artículos sobre este tema y cada vez que aprendo algo nuevo no creo que alguna vez se detendrá siempre nueva información, gracias por todo su trabajo duro!

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