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Sean Bannion

I am mystified that you don't seem to be making the connection between a "notoriously ungovernable state that's running a $21 billion deficit" and Whitman's plan nay, need, to "[lay] off 30-40,000 state employees.

Can you not see the connection? Honestly?

The State is removing capital from the economy at a staggering clip thanks to these deficits. This is one of several reasons why California businesses aren't creating jobs and aren't going to for years to come. This is why California has a net population loss every year. This is why our taxes are some of the highest in the nation.

Where would you start the necessary pruning?

The President's plan originally wanted to build "infrastructure for water, energy and transportation" also. Why wasn't that a vehicle for some derision on this blog earlier? The fact that not only is the President's plan is now not building "shovel-ready" infrastructure but is also not creating jobs merits nary a mention here.

I am a workforce professional too. But I am not reflexively hostile to business and enamored of government solutions to everything. I've seen how wonderfully the bureaucracy can work and make a difference in people's lives - and I've seen how staggeringly inefficient and inhuman it can be to the very people it's trying to "help."

There is a balance in the equation - and you're showing none of it. Your tone here belies your biases.

California State Employee

Major Bannion is right! Of course Californians want another Republican governor -- to continue the good work this one has done.


Hey, Sean. Thanks for your comments.

Do I have biases? You bet! I offer them several days a week here on WorkforceDevelopments. For example, since 2007 I've been calling for major investments in programs to rebuild our crumbling infrastructure while putting people back work. Not just physical infrastructure, but rebuilding our failing education and health care infrastructure too. Problem is, we can't do that by cutting taxes and laying off workers.

Meg's formula for laying off state workers is based on flat percentages of the number of employees. Instead, she should begin by collecting data on where demand for state services has diminished and proposing cuts there. That would be a smarter business approach. Right now many public employees who've been furloughed based on a flat percentage approach are unable to schedule those days off or are working on their unpaid days because there's too much work to do.

When Meg offers cutting taxes and laying off state workers as the way to somehow create jobs, she's offering magical thinking and simplistic solutions to complex economic problems. Rebuilding our economy is going to take truly sophisticated, creative new ideas. I'm disappointed that someone from a tech industry that fundamentally has changed business models and the way we interact with each other isn't offering more creative solutions that reflect how our world has changed since 1980.

It's not business I'm hostile too, it's simplistic and dishonest promises. Nobody likes to pay taxes, but Meg's not going to cut taxes back to zero. Everyone wants to see their family and friends get back to work, but we live in a globalized economy and no single state can fix it on their own. I want all our candidates for governor to give us innovative ideas rather than popular platitudes. Is that so much to ask for?

Readers, if you haven't yet voted above please do. I still want your input into the question of whether I should allow ads that I don't support.


Bronwyn: your blog, your biases. Without perspective and opinion the blogosphere would be very boring.

The question you ask is whether you should block her ads or not. I voted that you should keep them if for no other reason than you make a few bucks. Bucks that Meg would otherwise be giving to someone else's blog and whose blog might prove a greater ROI.


Hi, Marco and California State Employee.

Thanks for your comments, and your votes. I'll enjoy every penny I earn!

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