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The last sentence has a point. There was some media mention of bosses making workers do overtime to save money (meaning no new people would need to be hired).

Now that the President has signed the UE extension bill, and the UE tax on businesses has been extended/expanded, will bosses extend/expand their overtime requirement? Just wondering.


I filed for the teir III unemployment and was approved and told that Dec 21, 2009 I could begin claiming my weeks. I went on the site to claim my weeks this morning and it said I have now weeks to claim. I have been tryin and trying to call the office and get through but there is nothing but a message that says they are experiencing heavier than usual call volume. Does anyone know what is going on?


I have been waiting so long I have finally had a couple offers. When I was a little younger I could go get a job so issue but, now. aND NOW SINCE they found out I am in school they are investigating that????? This is stupid but, I haven't had an income since 11/17/09. I am so behind in my bills I just told them to cancel some of my accounts and soon i won't be able to drive to work because I have no money for insurance let alone gas. I have to feed my son as well. I am at a complete loss.


If you're in school they check to see if you're in class full-time. You can either be looking for work full-time OR in class full-time unless you're taking one of their pre-approved classes. Because if you're in class full-time, that's like saying you're not looking for work hard enough.


Someone suggested trying this to try to get through to them:

"What you need to do is first hit "0" then if it says that the lines are busy and that their is not an customer service representative available. Then hit "5" and keep on hitting "0" and then "5" You will get through someone eventually. It took me about 20 minutes are both occasions but I got through. Good luck!"

But if you want, you can peek at the previous blog to this one ( http://workforcedev.typepad.com/workforcedev/2008/11/unemployment-benefits-extension-passes-the-whiplash-edition/comments/page/2/#comments ) to see more posts. Remember though, this blog is the most up-to-date one.


I am on the third extenxion, with 7.4 weeks to go. What happens when this runs out?


I grabbed this from a state's UC info site. I don't know if this applies to anyone here:

Individuals currently receiving EUC benefits on Tiers I, II, or III can qualify for the next level of benefits if their current benefits are exhausted by February 27, 2010. Under current law, EUC Tier II provides up to 14 weeks of benefits and Tier III provides up to 13 weeks of additional benefits. Those who exhaust Tier III benefits by February 27, 2010 can establish eligibility for Tier IV benefits, which provides up to 6 additional weeks of benefits.

Individuals who exhausted all benefits (regular state benefits, EUC Tiers I, II, and extended benefits) prior to November 1, 2009 will need to apply for EUC Tier III; those who will exhaust EUC Tiers I, II, and III between November 1 and February 27, 2010 will be automatically enrolled in the next level of benefits.

annette goode

why do you have to wait 21weeks to certify after you are told you owe back money from a over payment you knew nothing about(was not informed by letter or called) and i have refiled and have been excepted but cannot recieve any money until i have recertified for
the 21 weeks have been accounted for. In the mean time i'm going to loose my home which is now three months behind.i still cannot find a
job because i am a hospital employee and it seems as if these jobs have dryed up. Also,two years ago i went to school and became a Chef
and these jobs are hard to find.i don't know what i'm goind to do.


So now us 99ers have been denied an extension three times. Now what, other than keeping up the fight?

Dignora Pina

I take my last week the EUC benefits and i not found a job, i go everyday to find a joob and in Miami Florida not have any joob position for nothing, What is my need steep because my husband is retired an hes retired is not completed the rent, phone and electricity and foods, tell me what i make now. is important any solution to this problem because in Miami every day the crisis in poor..Thank You for you attention.


Oh fanTAStic...I was "surfing around" and saw this.


..."But even if federal unemployment benefits are extended it won’t help Florida jobseekers unless the state legislature takes action soon.

That’s because lawmakers wrote a June 5th cut off date into law for jobseekers trying to receive extended benefits."...


A cautious HURRAY - "Tuesday, the US Senate in a 60-40 vote, voted to extend unemployment benefits..."


"This latest extension will allow unemployment benefits to continue through the end of November. The bill will raise the deficit by $33.3 billion, and should cover approximately 2.1 million people." Uhm...

exhausted girl

My hesitation is justified. No more tiers have been added.

exhausted girl

I forgot to add: The new UE paperwork extends eligibility.

exhausted girl

After Mr Obama signs this paperwork, people who are NOT 99ers, who have been jobless for 26 weeks up to 6 months (I think), will be getting some "back pay". The "99ers problem" is supposed to be dealt with in September.

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