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Given the current employment environment, community colleges and other post-secondary institutions are being called upon to play an even greater role in helping young adults gain the skills needed to qualify for work. A new report from Workforce Strategy Center (WSC) and funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation titled “Employers, Low-Income Young Adults and Postsecondary Credentials,” highlights programs in 14 communities that are successfully addressing the challenge of providing disadvantaged young adults with the technical and postsecondary education that may qualify them for skilled positions. For the full report visit www.workforcestrategy.org.


Thanks for the info, Vanessa.

Rebecca Kusner

Thanks for sharing Bronwyn. There have been a number of discussions in Ohio about the most effective way to use stimulus money. Summer youth programs providing stipends were a way to get money into our communities but one summer won't sustain any recovery.

Also--the consumer spending question is critical to conversations about economic development--job creation tax credits need to be paired with other strategies to assure that low-income and other targeted individuals benefit.

Rebecca Kusner
Research Associate, Workforce Policy


Good point, Rebecca. If we're going to create enough of the kinds of jobs we need, workforce and economic development professionals will need to work together. On the ground creating programs, and at the policy level too.

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