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Jane Q

It is refreshing to hear from the other side. The part about your credit union was funny and familiar. (Speaking as one living paycheck to paycheck) Sometimes I think savings is just an emergency fund I will be forced to use next month just to make it.


To: Anasa Sinegal
Re: Response to prious blog dated 10/1/09.
"Professional rejection in a most professional matter"

Ms. Sinegal,
By nameing the college,(in the above mentioned blog),
and not just X-college,as well as the name of the
school's department chairperson,that treated you so
unfairly and unprofessional,you were in a position to
assist a lot of us.Why wouldn't you mention the 2 above
inportant facts,so that the rest of us,struggling through
this.can make sure we WON'T apply here.Why go through the
pain twice?

sign me,
Never assume that it
happen again

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