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1 felony knocked down to a misdemeanor and then expunged and I still cant get a job....

Ive been trying to find a job for so long, am trying my best not to give up. Yeah I messed up, and I thought the justice system is who held me accountable and I paid my debt to society. Ive come to see that I will be paying that debt for the rest of my life, so what is the purpose of going to jail. Why didnt they just release me and say we are going to surpress you and every thing positive you try to do for the rest of your life, thats what a conviction is anyway. So why do you have to do jail time too. Isnt that adding insult to injury. Its hard to believe that the constitutition the court rooms even money has some kind of mentioning of GOD.. My bible says GOD is a forgiving GOD, but I guess the governments views are more important than GODS...

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