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Has there been any discussion about the USDOL focus on being "demand-driven" and how that impacts these kinds of efforts? Helping get ex-offenders back to work doesn't seem like it would be part of their policy to be the source of choice for employer customers? I'm just curious to hear if there's been any discussion on this.

Workforce Developments

I left this conference with the clear sense that people in the federal prisons/corrections system want very much to partner with one-stops and other workforce development organizations in their communities, but they don't know much about USDOL or the larger system within which we function. I heard about a few partnerships between individual workforce boards and local prisons, or between one-stops and nearby prisons, but those seem to be the exception rather than the rule.

If these kinds of partnerships are to work at all, each of us needs to understand the other's underlying incentives and accountability systems. Could USDOL performance requirements create disincentives to work with ex-offenders? What outcomes are probation officers held accountable to that might create barriers?

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